Up to 50% savings on current expenditure

  • Centralise data repository will reduce search times for retail assets
  • View previous and upcoming campaigns in a few clicks of your mouse
  • Greater automation in the workflow process from Concept to Execution
  • Faster collaboration on briefs and approvals

Up to 30% savings on current expenditure

  • Automation of everyday marketing activities and
  • Stakeholders receive customised notifications & email alerts to reduce bottlenecks
  • Accountability to stakeholders via Job history & date/time stamp
  • Faster approvals and responses times

Up to 50% savings on current expenditure

  • Ability to tender out every job to your supplier panel
  • View detailed production and fabrication methods for every promotional physical asset, limiting costly mistakes
  • Proof of Execution on site via mobile photo uploads, reducing approval times
  • Savings on storage costs of digital assets

Up to 30% of current expenditure

  • Significant reduction in re-work costs
  • Easy to view production & fabrication information
  • View Real Time transparency and progress updates
  • Upload images for faster approval and quality assurance

Up to 40% savings on current expenditure

  • One Platform to manage Marketing promotions, planning, job approvals, tenders and asset tracking
  • Cloud based access with 24/7 availability across Internal and external value chains Reporting capability across entire workflow process and executions
  • Easy to search and view History of campaign information and digital assets

Innovative retail leasing opportunities

  • New Revenue opportunities through leasing retail space to brands
  • Provide access to Brands of upcoming promotions in-store and availability of retail space
  • Communications platform for Brands to collaborate and innovate


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